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Unleash the Power of Cloud Marketplaces: How Marketizer™ is Revolutionizing the SaaS Industry

In today’s rapidly evolving software landscape, the demand for SaaS solutions is on the rise. Software vendors face the challenge of effectively publishing and monetizing applications, while customers seek convenient access to the software they need.

This is where Marketizer™, powered by Corent’s SaaSOps™ technology, emerges as a game-changer. Through a suite of powerful features, Marketizer is transforming the way software is published and consumed as a service. Here are just a few ways Marketizer’s SaaS publishing capabilities are revolutionizing the software industry.

Streamlines Marketplace Publishing

Marketizer puts your software in the cloud marketplace your customers prefer, offering subscription-based access with leading cloud marketplaces such as Azure, AWS, and GCP. By eliminating the need to navigate complex cloud APIs, Marketizer streamlines your ability to publish SaaS offers on one or more marketplaces. This enables ISVs to focus on product development instead of spending time on tasks that can be automated with SaaSOps.

Empowers SaaS Publishing—Your Product, “as a Service!”

While enabling SaaS on cloud marketplaces is at the core of Marketizer’s capabilities, it enables ISVs to do more than just publish a software application to the marketplaces. ISVs can deliver applications “as a Service” with efficiency, and with the management insight and control needed to take full advantage of cloud infrastructure capabilities. It enables new revenue streams, while providing customers with the flexible subscription-based access they desire.

Drives Business Growth with Increased Marketplace Exposure

Marketizer doesn’t just simplify the marketplace integration process; it also provides the onramp to increased visibility and exposure across one or more cloud marketplaces. By leveraging the Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud marketplaces, you can tap into a vast ecosystem of potential customers actively searching for a software solution. By using Marketizer to establish a presence on these marketplaces, it expands your reach, allowing you to capture new opportunities and drive business growth.

Accelerates Your Time-to-Market from 3+ Months to 3 Days

Time-to-market is an important metric in today’s competitive software landscape. Marketizer facilitates faster deployment of application offerings on Azure, AWS, and GCP, significantly reducing the time and effort required to start to tap into this marketing resource from 3-6 months of development, on average, to just 72 hours, improving the time-to-market.

Enhances the Customer Experience

By streamlining marketplace integration, and providing a customized customer registration process, Marketizer empowers your business to expand your customer base while providing a consistent on-boarding process. Marketizer automates the customized interactions with subscribers to collect and manage the information you need, to keep customers informed about the stages of the on-boarding process with customized and personalized emails for all the subscribers lifecycle events. Marketizer also has the option of providing the subscriber with an administrative self-service portal to enable them to do routine tasks like upgrading, changing credit card info or re-assigning contacts or organizational information.

Leveraging the Power of Usage-Based Metering

In addition to all of the powerful features mentioned, Marketizer can be easily enhanced further by upgrading to our full SaaSOps capability, which includes usage-based metering. This extra value add-on feature allows for accurate measurement of the consumption of specific application features, providing transparent usage-based billing for subscribers. Over time, analysis of the usage patterns can provide a guide to establishing a monetization strategy for metered usage that best aligns with customer utilization and value.

Your New SaaS Revenue Stream is Just a Few Clicks Away

Every day a software application isn’t available as SaaS on a cloud marketplace is an lost opportunity to leverage the worldwide marketing presence that these marketplaces provide. ISVs with a cloud marketplace SaaS offering are losing potential sales revenue that would be happily spent by organizations looking for solutions.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your software publishing? Experience firsthand how Marketizer can streamline your publishing process, maximize profitability, and take your software strategy to the next level.

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Authors: Vanamalidev SV

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