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How partnering with Corent is a win-win for Services Companies?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

How can businesses capitalize on emerging and existing opportunities without straining their coffers? It is an existential question, especially for services companies striving to create new revenue streams amid swelling competition. Partnering with Corent enables services companies to adapt to emerging challenges while reducing upfront and operational costs. Corent bundles skills, tech know-how, support, and marketing strategies into a single package to offer businesses the opportunity to add new revenue streams while focusing on their core strength.

The prospects

The Cloud market is evolving, throwing opportunities at every leg of the journey. A recent report estimated that the end-user spending on Cloud services would touch US$ 600 billion by 2023-end. The end-user spending on commoditized compute solutions like IaaS, DaaS, and PaaS will rise steadily, with the SaaS market alone touching US$ 176 billion by 2022-end. However, the chief driver of this growth will be increased spending on Cloud-native capabilities (DBPaaS, containerization, AI, and ML) and emerging technologies like hyperscale edge computing and SASE.

But issues abound

Catering to such an emerging and expanding market will entail considerable technological, skill, workforce, and continuous optimization investments. Even services companies with the wherewithal for such ventures must consider the impact on the bottom line. Plus, amid a sharp uptick in demand for robust and scalable solutions, how can services companies turn the necessity of breaking down monolithic apps into composable parts into an opportunity? And then, there is the pressure of reaching out to prospects with suitable proposals and charting out go-to-market (GTM) strategies while keeping down the time to market (TTM).

At some point, services must also determine the quantum of spending not just on building the tech capacity to meet the emerging challenges but also on its upkeep. Any decision on this front will be subject to these critical questions:

  • Can the benefits of gaining new customers or retaining the old ones outweigh the expenses incurred?

  • How to create new opportunities that consolidate revenue without straining human, technological, and monetary resources?

How can Corent help?

Corent’s SurPaaS™ is the only end-to-end technology platform in the Cloud transformation space. It bridges the technological and skill gap for its partners by making cost-effective, scalable, and automated solutions available to offset huge investments while increasing efficiency and efficacy.

SurPaaS™ is not a bouquet of disparate solutions but an array of mutually complementing tools that help services companies offer full-spectrum support to customers. As an enabler, SurPaaS™ helps partners transition into SLA-based Cloud rent masters by affording them economies of scale and size.

The core components of SurPaaS™

SurPaaS™ addresses the four critical requirements for Cloud transformation through its unique blend of three capable solutions:

  • Discovery and assessment of workloads through MaaS™

  • Migration and modernization through MaaS™

  • Continuous optimization with ComPaaS™

  • SaaS enablement and optimization using SaaSOps™

These solutions can be combined or leveraged in isolation for the volume-based transition of customer environments within a week. Corent’s continuous optimization solution can reduce monthly expenses by at least 30%.

An all-weather partner

While SurPaaS™ offers partners the tech know-how, our team of experts integrates with them to streamline the various business processes, from pre-sales to deal closure. Corent positions itself strategically in the partner’s go-to-market plan in a way that four mission-critical aspects are neatly executed to create new sales channels:

  1. Setting up: this part includes installing, provisioning, configuring, and validating resources.

  2. Training: Corent’s experts help partners train their in-house talent on using SurPaaS™ optimally.

  3. Campaigning: here, Corent experts help partners develop marketing plans and media kits for maximum exposure.

  4. Support: Corent experts integrate with the partner to develop strategic documents – statement of work, request for proposal – and onboard customers after closing deals.

Key benefits

Partners can leverage the combined strengths to augment existing revenue streams while creating new ones. Here are some salient features:

  • Corent’s experts handle the demo, offer POC, help with the pilot run, and aid with execution, along with broad-based product support.

  • Our solutions can be used as a factory model, meaning our experts will train your staff to use SurPaaS™.

  • Our experts interface with customers even as partners can white-label our solutions.

SurPaaS™ helps services companies attain higher efficiency and a lower cost regardless of the volume or the scale.

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Authors: Ramesh Natarajan and Srinath Mohan Iyer

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