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Fostering the next generation of SaaS businesses

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Around a decade ago, we experienced a shift in the Cloud and SaaS industry, as many revolutionary and groundbreaking technologies came out of the woodwork, becoming and staying integral parts of our lives to this very day. Nowadays, we utilize and interact with Software applications delivered as Cloud-based services throughout our daily lives, whether it be through the way we watch our favorite shows, rent movies at home, to how we communicate with our fellow professionals. It took years of development, and slowly working towards this point, but we have finally reached a stage, in our industry, where Cloud and SaaS is in more demand than ever, urging us to work hard and propel the SaaS industry forward.

But, what if boosting our industry forward was easy? With the continuous, rapid advancements, and the many emerging technologies therein, it is safe to say that our industry is not in the same place it was a decade prior. In today's world, SaaS and Cloud technologies have become commonplace and in demand, as opposed to being met with trepidation and skepticism 10 years ago; this is a testament to how far our industry and technology has progressed. A subsequent result of this increased interest is an exponentially increasing number of fresh graduates and ambitious entrepreneurs, all of whom seek to enter into the Cloud and SaaS space and leave their mark. This generation has the grit, the talent, and most of all, the eagerness to prove themselves and pave their own way forward into the market, becoming the next generation of innovators and visionaries. But, this path, like any other, is filled with obstacles and opportunities, requiring the most steadfast of these individuals to accrue knowledge and build connections as they traverse the space and meet new faces. Which is all the more reason why those of us who have more experience in the field should share it with those who don’t. Because we, in this space, should focus on arming the next generation of entrepreneurs and businessmen with the knowledge and experience we have accrued just as much as we should focus on delivering excellent products, so that we can move our industry forward.

How SaasOps can transform your legacy applications into a monetized SaaS model.

Indeed, it is with this tenet in mind that we, at Corent, build our products, not only to satisfy and propel our customers to new heights, but also to ensure that the knowledge and experience we have gained will be available to anyone with the initiative to implement it. An example of this is a burgeoning business known as MultiSaaS Technologies Inc., a company founded and headed by Ritvik Ravikumar.

Congratulations to MultiSaaS Technologies on the launch of their first product, Autoticket!

MultiSaaS Technologies has just launched their first product, autoTicket, which leverages Corent’s SaaSOps platform to deliver an effortless SaaS ticketing service for its clients. By utilizing SaaSOps, Ritvik was able to offer autoTicket’s efficient ticketing and tracking system, without having to worry about automatic SaaS onboarding or billing based on usage.

Confluence of Visionaries: C-Suite Executives Convene to Shape Business Strategies and Drive Growth.

In fact, Ritvik, a recent graduate from UC Irvine, California, recently attended and spoke at the Executive Next Practices(ENP) Forums as part of a panel, where he showcased his product and presented his experiences as to an audience of industry-leading executives.

Navigating from Concept to Reality: Ritkvik explains his Autoticket Expedition at the ENP forum.

However, our story does not end here with just MultiSaaS and autoTicket, as there are myriad other businesses out there with infinitely many more products under their care, all working towards the same goal of getting to market. With this in mind, it is our goal to continue delivering products, such as SaaSOps, that provide those growing businesses with the tools they need to build up their businesses and get to market as fast as they can. Imagine that, tomorrow, the future of industry evolves to that of a space where anybody, from a student entrepreneur working from their dorm to a visionary starting their business out of a garage, can simply put their applications onto a platform and effortlessly get it to market.

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Authors: Sohail Syed

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