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Cat In Girls Boobs [EXCLUSIVE]

I'm a little weirded out by how many of these exist on YouTube. They're sweet videos, but knowing that they're all being fapped to by untold numbers of men on the internet is creepy. Bonus: puppies like ladyboobs, too; unlike the other videos, this one contains nudity.

Cat In Girls Boobs

Girls is the first tab you see in Crush Crush and allows you to directly interact with the various girls in the game. By clicking it, you will bring up a list of the girls in the game, which you can then select to use the interactions you have unlocked with the girl, as well as view the requirements necessary to gain the next level with them.

Sorry/Chat/Flirt/Seduce - Allows you to talk with the girl, gaining at least 20 affection. There's a complex formula involving her "Liked Trait" and how many girls are at "Lover" status; see the Hobbies page for details. Takes 10 seconds base to cool down. What the button says depends on your current relationship level.

Date - Allows you to spend money taking the girls on dates, increasing affection. Each date takes a different amount of time blocks and a set amount of time you must spend waiting to complete. Unlocked when the girl is at "Friendzoned" status or better.

NOTE: To unlock one of the girls listed above, you must have previously unlocked all the girls whose portraits appear above her. For example, you cannot unlock Bearverly before unlocking Fumi. However, all DLC Girls (Bundle Girls, Event Reward Girls, and Monster Girls) are excluded from this rule, and are unlocked from the moment you purchase them.

The Girls you knew messaged you... It's a good call to know them further, I guess...? Note: The girls in this section are Storyline Phone Flings and they will not be joining Vote-a-Fling Events.

Looking at the boobs on the first picture, I feel like the AI can do it but since it is an anime, it is mixed in with hentai pictures and animal-humans. The AI must get anime animals and humans confused. The sad thing is that the AI knows what Kyubey is but it adds a bunch of random anime context. Maybe it needs words like "pokemon cat" just to understand it's not some sort of catgirl body mixed with kyubey

Ohhhh so maybe next prompt we can specify that they are not "anime girls" Also, these are very cute lol. The first one is the most accurate and the fact that the AI understands what Kyubey looks like means that it is probably looking for very specific wording to get it accurate 350c69d7ab


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